How to Prioritize Self-Care And Make Time For Yourself

Are you struggling to prioritize self-care?

In a world that stresses hustle, it’s hard to break free from the expectation that you have to always be on the go.

Over the last year, I’ve realized the importance of taking time to slow down and make time for myself.

When we don’t allow ourselves to recharge and to nourish our mind, body, and soul, we compromise the energy that we put out into everything else that we do.

I say rest is the new hustle. I believe that when we take care of ourselves, we allow ourselves to grow into our best selves. We just need to remind ourselves that we are worthy of a happy, stress-free life and self-care is simply a tool to help get us there.

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I think many of us know that there are so many benefits of self-care and can agree that it’s completely necessary, but often times it’s hard to actually make time for it.

Here are 7 tips to help you reap the many benefits of self-care by making it a priority.




1. Find self-care activities that make YOU happy and excited

Let’s clear something up – just because something is a trend right now, doesn’t mean it’s for you. Self-care looks different for everyone.

Have you tried to journal every day but you just can’t seem to find time for it? Instead of beating yourself up for it, have you thought that maybe it’s the journaling and not you? If you’re not motivated, excited, or even looking forward to it, it’s probably time to revamp your self-care activities.

Try reflecting on:

  • What makes you feel relaxed and recharged?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What gets you excited?
  • What will help you feel how you want to feel?
  • Who do you love to be surrounded by?
  • Where is your favorite place in your town?

From cooking and books to coffee shops and best friends, there are so many different types of self-care that you can experiment with.

Once you implement self-care activities that you love and start to see the positive effect it has on you, it becomes so much easier to make it a priority.

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2. Make an honest evaluation of your schedule

Awareness is so powerful in provoking change. If you think you have no spare time, really take a moment to reflect on how you can find little pockets of time in your schedule.

Are there days that are lighter than others? Could you say no to a commitment that doesn’t fill your cup? Could you combine an everyday activity with a self-care activity? (more on this on #4)

Do you snooze your alarm for 30 minutes before actually getting up in the mornings? Instead of getting home after work and laying on the couch on your phone could you use that time to squeeze in self-care?

Think about what’s absolutely necessary in your days and make adjustments to help you prioritize self-care and take some much-needed time for yourself.


3. Reflect on what you think is holding you back

If you’re having trouble prioritizing self-care, dig deep and find out why that is.

Is it because you’re too tired after work? Maybe you have too many responsibilities and thinking of having another thing to do is overwhelming? Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself?

Identifying what belief is holding you back is the first step to making a change. Remember you have the power to create your reality.

What if you went to bed earlier to feel more energized at the end of the workday? Maybe you could say “no” to things at work instead of trying to make everyone happy by saying “yes”? What if you started to repeat affirmations throughout the day to rewire your mindset into thinking that you’re worthy of happiness, rest, and relaxation?

Everyone’s circumstance is different and often times it can be easier said than done, but remember that you’re a priority too. Your mental health and sanity is important and needs to be nurtured regularly.


4. Remember self-care can be simple

It’s so important to remember that self-care doesn’t need to take a big chunk out of your schedule.

Many people have the misconception that they can’t find the time for it because it takes too long. But simply taking 10 minutes of your day to do something small that fills your cup is self-care in my book.

On my busy days, I try to take at least 10 minutes out of my day to stretch, do breathing exercises, and have tea. If for some reason I can’t get to it first thing in the morning, I’ll take a break during the day to do it or do it right before bed.

That’s it! It’s a simple ritual that I look forward to and helps me recharge. Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or time-consuming.

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5. Combine everyday activities with self-care

What if I told you, you can totally squeeze in self-care without making big changes to your schedule? (Gasp!)

Here are some ideas:

  • Have a friend date at yoga
  • Create a reading time ritual with your partner every night
  • Listen to affirmations or audiobooks while getting ready or on your commute
  • Stretch while you brush your teeth
  • Meditate in the shower
  • Make “date night” a day at the spa (guys can get pampered too!)
  • Take a walk outside after you finish your lunch at work

Get creative! When you find ways to implement self-care strategies by killing two birds with one stone, the easier it gets to make time for it regularly.


6. Don’t compare and take baby steps

Do you often wonder how your friend on Instagram manages to go to the gym, do yoga, meditate, journal, and make a nourishing breakfast all before 7 am? Same here girl, same here.

Comparing ourselves to others can cause a big setback. When we’re trying to “catch up” to what we believe is the epitome of self-care, we often end up doing too much at once and self-care quickly turns from stress management to overwhelm.

Whenever I start to compare my journey to someone else’s, I remember that I have no idea how long it took them to get there and what struggles they had to overcome.

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.”  – Jon Acuff

Your self-care journey is unique so honor it. Find a pace that works for you. Start with short, simple self-care activities first and only when you’re ready, increase the time that you’re spending them.

It will take some trial and error but with so many different types of self-care, you’re bound to find what work for you and your schedule.

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7. Schedule it in

By scheduling your self-care practice, you’re making it a real, concrete deal. You wouldn’t deliberately not show up to an important meeting in your calendar, would you?

Start by adding items to your calendar and to-do list and put reminders on your phone. Tell your partner and friends what times you’ll be unavailable. Make a checklist of the activities that you’re committing to. Marking it off when it’s done and seeing how you’re progressing can also help motivate you to keep going.

Download the self-care checklist to help you out!

Do anything and everything you need to do to make it as real and official as possible. When you treat self-care as another item on your to-do list, you’re that much more likely to prioritize it.

Think of self-care as an important meeting you have with yourself to connect with who you are, do things that fuel your soul, and ensure that you’re fulfilling your needs.


Like any other habit, learning how to prioritize self-care will take time. Once you feel and understand the benefits of downtime and relaxation, you’ll start to realize that you’re allowing yourself to recharge and refocus so that you can operate at your highest potential in your daily life.

Now over to you … how do you make sure you’re making self-care a priority?


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